Street Address: Career 11 #22-80, Barrio Obrero, Cali,

Phone: (57)(2)8857113

As if immersed in any suburb of Buenos Aires, the southern corner of the park in Cali Obrero sounds like tango. There is La Matraca, a ballroom style coffee, with mosaic floor in two colors, a bar for serving drinks and a shelf over 5.000 between acetates and compact discs. "The cave of the tango" as they call popularly, became a traditional meeting point for generations of lovers caleños of the air of the pampas and Argentine tango dancers ports.

Huddled in the gateway several curious enjoy and admire the steps of Leyda Santa and Jaime Parra, venue owners, Alvarez and Aymer, Victor Leather and Nelly 'The Milonguera', regulars and accomplished dancers who have alternated, at night for drinks, with professionals like world champion Miguel Angel Soto Argentine or Colombian dancers recognized as Benjamin 'Mincho' Garcia, Manizales. From the walls faces in sepia Carlos Gardel, Héctor Palacio, Agustín Irusta, Mercedes Simone, Ada Falcon and Azucena Maizan not lose their way.

Friday and Saturday
Of 18:00 hrs until 2:30 a.m
From 15:00 hrs