There are hundreds of schools Salsa in Cali, but some are easier to reach than others. Most of them have no website, not in the center and some are just for kids.

Here are some of the schools of Salsa (Dance Academy) which are popular among foreigners:
The Peanut Vendor

It is located in a very central location, right out of the station Tequendama, Integrated Transportation System MIO. The Peanut Vendor is a kind of social school, which means that prices are very attractive. The price is only 7000 weights (and converter) to 2 class group hours and about half of this, if you buy a card with multiple inputs. The school offers classes, 4 times a week (Monday to Thursday) and you can choose from 2 various shifts in the afternoon (16:30 the 19:00). The first half hour is a warm-up with stretching exercises, the next time it is a workout in single steps Colombian style salsa, and the last half hour is a couples dance Salsa and other dances (Bachata, Meringue, Tropical, His). About a third of the participants are foreign. There simultaneously 3 Salsa levels 3 different groups. Most tourists do not reach the third level, because their flights are taking off a few days after their arrival (it's not easy being young and seeing all of South America only 1 my). The Peanut Vendor is pretty good and fun and also an opportunity to meet locals and not just tourists, but not so fast advance in dancing couple, Maybe it's reforzarte with another school tutoring.
Street Address : Street 5 # 39-71 (view map) No site.

They are of Light

Light is the owner and chief instructor at the school. She is very experienced and can detect errors you're doing with your feet and corrects. Light is one of the best teachers of Salsa you can have in Cali (That's the opinion of many advanced students). The school specializes in individual classes, but you get also 2 free group classes a week. The prices are attractive for private lessons: 30000 weights 1 time, and there are discounts if you buy a pack of them.
The school is located in the district of Alameda (quite central) a 10 minute walk from the subway station bus “Apple of Knowledge” the “Stadium”.
Street Address: Street 7 N° 27-32 (map) Such: + 57 2 557-0851 Page Facebook

Swing Latin

Swing Latino is a famous school, do shows around the world. (YouTube is a lot of videos with them, you here is a). Swing Latino gives private and group lessons. They are more expensive: 1 hour private class is 70000 pesos and you can get discounts if you buy more of them. His group lessons are good: offer 5 levels lasting one semester each, so if you have time and you are advanced, You can participate in one of these semesters and end of each semester even can enter a show before an audience (your parents must come to Colombia). Group classes cost 90000 monthly by 8 hour classes.
Swing Latin website, (map), Street Address: cra 31 # 7-25 Such: (57)23742226


Rucafé is the only place in Cali teaches Cuban style salsa. As a tourist, That does not make much sense to you, learn the Cuban style in Colombia, since you can do it anywhere in the world with more hours. Rucafé offers only one level at a time (Cuban style) and you have to go to the next level every semester. The school also teaches other dances and special sessions of dance as Aero-Rumba. Prices are 90000 pesos for a month of group classes and 50.000 pesos for a single class. And Rucafé Facebook and your website. The school is located near the Pan American Sports Complex . Street Address: Career 36, Do Not 8-49 (map) Such: 5560300

Tango Vivo & Live Salsa

They are located close to other schools, in a small street, in San Fernando (view map). They have very nice and modern facilities. If you take them private lessons, will teach you all kinds of dance you want flexible hours. If you take group classes, be a mix of Salsa, Bachata, Bogaloo, Cha cha tea, Pachanga, Tango and more.
And Website – Tango Vivo for details. Street Address: Street 5B5 No : 36-94 San Fernando Tel: 557 0618

Note:There also, Salsa independent teachers who are offering their services in the hostels in the city and especially in the neighborhood of San-Antonio, where they are most hostels. These teachers also visit the popular Salsa clubs and mingle with students.