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Only 20 minutes from downtown Cali, Parcelación in La Reforma, Km 6, via a Cristo Rey.

Be seduced by nature in Andoke!! This butterfly, over 15 native species of butterflies, you'll also enjoy the sighting of hummingbirds, nature trails, handicrafts made with butterfly wings and an incredible map of Colombia 2000 extension m2, Unique in the World, built between ancient stones and rocks, trees and beautiful water gardens.

Andoke Mariposario, which bears the name of an indigenous population located in the Amazon, gradually has become an environmental education center that attracts young and old.

In 300 m2 of land dedicated to butterflies and their habitat, find different types of plants, hosts including (where eggs are deposited). Visitors can see them and to help them stored in the laboratory.

The eggs, each different, allow visitors to see as is his transformation. In this 'world' you can learn how butterflies reproduce, see pairs, feed and its transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.

Here you wonders with their ecological aquariums, operating without motor, simply plants that make the exercise of oxygenate. Or you can stay hours enjoying the flight 14 species of hummingbirds that come daily to feed themselves and astound Andoke has the strong movement of their wings.

To visit Andoke Butterfly, you must have an appointment. and get ready to enjoy an encounter with nature.

We recommend wearing suitable footwear, blocker and eager to interact with nature.